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Experienced Demolition in Naples, FL

Are you ready for your remodel and do not know where to start? If you are in the need for floor removal, selective demolition, or complete demolition, you can trust our teams to get the job completed right.  When you choose L2 Floor Care for your demolition needs, you will get honest, professional and efficient service that exceeds the competition leaving you with the clean slate to build your masterpiece.  L2 Floor Care uses the latest tools and knowledgeable expertise in the field to deliver the results that you want. 

At Your Service

Whether you want to redo the flooring in a single room or set up a comprehensive, property-wide demolition, we're ready for the job. We offer affordable solutions as well as more upscale choices that will include installation, so we'll find a service that works with your budget. We pride ourselves on the level of our customer service, so we'll spare no effort to ensure that our work meets with your approval. Rest assured that we'll complete the project rapidly because we don't want to waste your valuable time.

As a team we are environmentally conscience with our disposals.  We work locally with the waste management to ensure proper recycling of all waste.  Appliances, toilets, furniture or other items that can be used are donated to local charities that will find good homes for your older items.  Other construction debris is hauled to and sorted into categories for proper recycling.  Your remodel will end up helping rebuild the city roads and other endeavors.


L2 Floor Care-Service Vehicle Ford F-250 Diesel

Our F-250 is an addition to the team that allows us to be several places at once. With expanded efforts, this truck transports all the trailers and will carry waste materials to the closest management facility.